Have you ever tried a luxury meal with floating breakfast in the pool?

Summer comes, the demand for entertainment, tourism and resort increases, especially in the marine and resorts. The swimming pool is always one of the most loved and checked-in areas.

Increasing demand for enjoyment, young people often live virtual with a luxurious breakfast in the pool. Have you ever try?


Floating food tray in HCM

It is specially designed, able to float on the water, withstand a large load of food, less affected by weather conditions such as hot weather, rain and wind. Trays are made from high quality synthetic rattan, through international standard production to meet the demanding needs of 5-star hotels and high-end resorts.


The floating tray on the pool looks extremely beautiful, and is an interesting concept for people to try their virtual vitality with their friends. And it is obvious that it has become a hot trend, blooming with models, beautiful hot girls.

>>>> Floating tray – floating meal on the pool

khây mây nhựa đựng thức ăn nổi;

Supermodel Minh Trieu also celebrated his birthday in Indonesia in a high-end resort, enjoying a floating breakfast on the pool with a hot bikini.

Chụp hình concept độc đáo;

Previously, majestic breakfasts were often served in bed at 5-star hotels, resorts are a trend of the rich, but to make the resort even more special, the breakfast is served from the bedroom to the swimming pool, at this time the swimming pool with blue water, yellow sunshine, beautiful shimmering view.


khây đựng thức ăn nổi;

With this luxurious breakfast style, the young people not only show off the classy space of their resort, but also show their tolerance level. A sexy curve with a hot bikini on the shore of a green lake, the view facing the distance, a mesmerizing beach, poetic mountains in the distance, with a tray of floating food on the water with all kinds of fruits, breakfast.

khây đựng thức ăn với bể bơi vô cực;






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