How to make a cool things

What is handmade thing? Most people know that these items are handmade, not using machines like the household products used in mass as today.And anyone who has seen handmade products also seems interested in creativity, meticulousness, diligence through the selection and combination of raw materials together to become a unique product in the world.

Each of us has our own vision of the world, about everything, especially style and beauty, so why not create your own things that you find beautiful and interesting with it. Especially that product is labeled as “made by me”. will introduce some basic ideas and tutorials for you about handmade products, hopefully it can help inspire you about this passion.

The basket made of rope, although it is a simple item, but we have completely created unique items. A handmade basket containing makeup, or pretty tiny items like accessories, hair ties,…

Materials: 1 bowl, 5 ~ 6m rope and some cotton cloth or button, glue gun

Let ‘s do it:

Step 1: Roll a rope, hold it tightly and use glue gun to stick them together. Then continue to gradually roll the rope into the bowl shape, glue them together to avoid being cracked.

Cuộn tròn một vòng dây và giữ lại cuộn sợi dây theo hình bát

Step 2: Use scissors to cut off the excess string and excess glue to make the basket look better

dùng kéo cắt bỏ đoạn dây thừa  trang trí thêm cho rỗ

Step 3: Decorate the basket with fabric flowers or quail according to your taste and style.

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