Hyacinth bag production process

The small, lovely hyacinth bags with delicate motifs, diverse designs and environmentally friendly made the visitors have an interesting look.It looks simple but to create a complete bag product, you need to go through many different processing stages. The procedure of making product is as follows:

Material processing:

The main material is from water hyacinth, a tree common in the southwestern river area. In nature, water hyacinth has the function of filtering water and eliminating heavy metals, but if they grow quickly, it will clog the river sections leading to obstructing the circulation of vehicles.Therefore, the local people feed cattle or throw them away. In order to take advantage of this available resource, craftsmen have created handicraft products and water hyacinth handbags are one of them which reserved for women and loved by many people.

Harvesting water hyacinth;

People will harvest hyacinth plants after about 3-4 months, remove the roots, clean.Next, the drying stage in the sun eliminates moisture, increases elasticity and preserves longer.


Hyacinth bagsknitting:

After being processed, raw materials will be knitted by craftsmen. With each way of knitting will produce a unique product, extremely eye-catching like knitting checker, knit apricot, fishbone knitting.

Knitting hyacinth bags

Product cleaning:

After the bag knitting is completed, the craftsman will clean the dirt with water, dry it in an oven in accordance with international quality standards.

finished product

Checking and storing:

Moisture tests will be conducted to ensure the quality of water hyacinth bags at the last stage then put in the archive

Bags decorating:

Depending on the needs of our customers, craftsmen will proceed to add motifs for bags, which can be lace, dried flowers, paint colors to make the product come alive, eye-catching and diverse.

Hyacinth bag after adding motifs, patterns;

Used time:

These hyacinth bags can last up to 5 years or more when stored in a dry, well-ventilated place.


  • Used to go out, picnic, shopping
  • As gifts for friends and relatives
  • Environmental friendliness

Hyacinth bag production process


  • The product is always updated according to the tastes of consumers with a variety of designs and models.
  • This hyacinth handbag easily combines many different fashion styles.
  • Bags are used for many different purposes such as traveling, shopping. Although water soaked but still not damaged, just dried, the product can be used as the original.

Bags easily coordinate the modern style shirt today;


The bag is made from available natural materials so the price is quite reasonable for most people.

Promoting Vietnamese tradition to the world:

With products of bold ethnicity with unique designs, impressive colors and environmentally friendly materials, this is a meaningful gift for tourists and international friends.

This is a typical gift for the country, containing hospitality, and the love of the Vietnamese to the far guests.

show Vietnamese beauty


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