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What is water hyacinth?
Common water hyacinth trees are found on rivers in the southwestern region, and they are often used for fodder.

But water hyacinth is the raw material for many beautiful and diverse handicrafts.
Why use water hyacinth to make handicraft products?
When hyacinths are 3 months old by the time they are mature, we will proceed to harvest, dry and process termites, termites and colors. They become more supple, more durable, a lifespan of 4-5 years, if stored properly, the product can be up to more than ten years.

Thanks to this feature, people have pulled rafts to take care of and develop water hyacinth knitting, water hyacinth products can be mentioned such as: cushions, chairs, bags, containers, …

Water hyacinth is 100% natural origin, non-toxic, does not affect the environment, and is easily biodegradable.
Hyacinth products
The product lines are processed from the water hyacinth plant, which is soft, easy to shape and color. The product is cheap, friendly with the environment, so many people choose to use it.

Because the product is made from dried water hyacinths, it is easy to get mold. You need to preserve it carefully for a long product life.

Currently, water hyacinth products are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors. Suitable for the style of many young people.

To make products more beautiful and in line with market trends. In addition to the main material is water hyacinth, we also use some other auxiliary materials such as hay, wire, plastic or glass beads, …