Art Bamboo Lobster

1./ About Art Bamboo Lobster:

Since ancient times, the image of bamboo has gradually become a symbol of the S-shaped strip of Vietnam, the image of bamboo trees has recorded in history, into poetry and used to create daily products such as beds, mats, baskets …And nowadays,Vietnamese bamboo is also used to create unique handicraft products, but the most special thing is an ‘Art Bamboo Lobster”.

This is an extremely unique product made from the talented hands of Vietnamese handicraft man.To make it so real, craftsman have to observer, study real swimming lobsters to simulate every detail. With skillful hands combined with the inherent ductility of bamboo, and going through many very elaborate phases to the smallest detail, this requires accurate and blended into each other, if in each stage or a small detail is defective the product will not be finished, not look like real.

Currently the bamboo Lobster products is gradually beloved by many customers, because it is both beautiful and sharp andin that substance contains the characteristics of the people of Vietnam


Lobster looks chill spreads
Product pictures of bamboo lobster.

2./ The process of creating bamboo lobster products

2.1/ Raw materials

For bamboo lobster really have the soul, in addition to the skillful hands, exquisite and creative mind, the material to make products is so important.Bamboo is used for lobster production to be soaked 6 months under mud, then picked up and exposed to dry.

Then bamboo is cut into several segments, each of which is impregnated with chemicals and continues to be exposed to the sun, drying, and re-chemical the anti-termite. So bamboo lobster products have very high lifespan.

Bamboo lobster costs millions of dollars
Material images.

Fine art bamboo lobster

2.2/ The making stages of head and body of bamboo lobster

The head of the bamboo lobster looks very complicated but the reality is very simple. The lobster’s head is very soft and lightweight by the craftsmen who use the wood to sculpted the model of the lobster head then carry out sanding and covering a glue to create a binder, it is sprayed with a fine sand to create the roughness of the lobster head.

Fine sand for the shrimp head
Bamboo lobster head image

The hardest part to do lobster is to create the curved shape of the lobster body. The body is made of round bamboo, slanted saws, requiring the craftsmen to calculate the detail, cut accordingly and be folded in a large to small scale towards the tail, they are interconnected by steel wire.

The lobster tails is made from very thin pieces of bamboo, stroking and lined up. The lobster beard is made of a banana wrapped in steel so that it can be more like real lobster.

The tail looks like the real thing
Bamboo lobster tail


Images of grafting shrimp body from the ring of bamboo
Images of grafting shrimp body from the ring of bamboo

2.3/ The linking stages of bamboo lobster components

To complete the product, adhesive is required. The craftsmen have created a very high adhesion glue, soaking in the water without being stick in the hands. The whole body of bamboo lobster as: whiskers, horns, eyes, head, body, legs, tail are adhesive again thanks to this glue. After linking the above stages, the craftsman proceeds to attach those parts to body skillfully to create the shape of the lobster.


Image attaching beard on bamboo shrimp.
Image attaching beard on bamboo shrimp.


Image attaching fins to bamboo shrimp
Image attaching fins to bamboo shrimp
Unpainted bamboo lobster image
Unpainted bamboo lobster imageUnpainted bamboo lobster image

2.4/ The painting stages of bamboo lobster

In order for the lobster to look edgy and like real one, the craftsman continue to spray on a lobster paint, the difficult parts like body to be carefully painted so that the product is more vivid and shimmering as a real lobster.

color artist for shrimp
Spray painted bamboo lobster image.

Strange toxic with lobster made of bamboo

3./ Final Art Bamboo Lobster Products

After the completion of bamboo lobster, it is decorated in the living room, coffee shop, hotel, resort. If it is a gift, it will bring lucky, good energy to your friends.

Currently, bamboo lobster products are very popular with domestic and foreign tourists because this is one of the unique handicraft products with special creativity and typical characteristics of Vietnamese people in turning the inanimate bamboo into lively lobsters. It is the creativity “Breakthrough” in the introduction of Vietnamese bamboo trees to the world.


Unique bamboo wall lobster

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